Pastoral Letter – September 2015

Dear Friends,

This month sees a flurry of activity after our long and wet summer. The Largs Monday Toddler Group and Columba’s Creatives have begun to meet again. In addition some initiatives promise to offer us opportunities to deepen our Christian faith; through exploring a different way to pray, with the Contemplative Meditation Group, and to deepen our understanding of that faith together with the new Book Group.

All of us will have the opportunity to use the temporary labyrinth that will be set out on the north lawn of the church grounds. This is a prayer walk that has its roots deep in the Christian tradition. It offers us the chance to take a journey in communion with God; to leave our concerns as we enter and to move toward the centre of the labyrinth. There we have the space to reflect before continuing our journey back out into the world. This process should provide the space for us to emerge with a new perspective on our life and our faith.

What happens in the labyrinth to us as an individual will, it is hoped, also be expressed in the experience our visitors will have as they enter our church building in the coming months. The development of display boards at the back of the church will inform them that, as well as being a fine victorian building, it is home to a living and growing Christian community; one that is dynamic and receptive to the work of God’s Holy and life-giving Spirit.

I hope you will always be open to the growth and development God offers us through our common life and witness here at St Columba’s.

yours in the faith,


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