Pastoral Letter October 2015

Dear Friends,

I have just returned from preaching at the licensing of Fr James.  It was a privilege to be asked to do so and good to represent the congregation where he served his curacy.  I was able to let the folk of the Northern Chapter of the Diocese of Moray, Ross and Caithness, know that our loss was very much their gain.

Seeing James move on to this new chapter in his calling to serve the Church reminded me of the calling that belongs to all of us by our common baptism.

It is a calling that, to me, seems linked to my other travels in September as I lead the Scottish Pilgrimage to the Shrine of our Lady of Walsingham.  This annual event emphasises the truth that each of us are called to be pilgrims – those who have their sights set on the way ahead and who travel together on the journey of faith.

The journey is essential.  None of us have arrived, but all are called to take the risk of travelling through various landscapes and different situations.  Some of these will seem easy to us and others much more challenging; but we travel nonetheless.  We do not, however, travel alone, but in the company of one another.

The Church are a pilgrim people – constantly on the move and seeking growth and change as we go.  These are signs of life and health – signs that are encouraged by the goals set out in our new Mission Action Plan.

I hope you will make the most of the opportunities, offered by our community of faith here at St Columba’s, to deepen your faith as we continue our journey together.

yours in the faith,


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