Pastoral Letter for December 2015/January 2016

Dear Friends,

During Advent we prepare to celebrate the Incarnation of our Lord Jesus.  It is a time of preparation to greet the holy One who seeks to come into our midst.  This he did long ago in Bethlehem as the child of Mary.  This he does today; continuing to ask that we, too, make room for him in the midst of our life.

As we celebrate with joy this sacred story and mystery, we do so in the context of a troubled world; a place that knows so much conflict, violence and upheaval.

As we reflect on the Incarnation of our Lord, we are reminded that Christ came to such a world and shared our human plight.  The Holy Family knew what it was to go from door to door seeking refuge; and the Gospel of Matthew relates the story of them escape  the tyranny of King Herod and having to flee to the relative safety of neighbouring Egypt.

It is important that we never compartmentalise our faith and keep it in the manageable safety of sacred history and the pages of the scriptures alone.  Our Christian faith and hope is completely relevant to today’s troubled world.  Christ is still to be discovered in the thousands who seek refuge from warfare and is to be seen in the faces of all displaced and vulnerable people.

May we know the blessing of his presence in one another and in our calling to serve those most in need today.  May this broken  world come to know the just and lasting peace of the Prince of peace this Holy Season and always.

Yours in the faith,


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