Pastoral Letter for May 2016

Dear Friends,

Because of the way that the dates fall this year, Sunday 15th May will both be the feast of Pentecost and also the beginning of Christian Aid Week.

When I first noticed that this was to be the case I thought it unfortunate that these clashed, but on reflection it seems to me to be really quite appropriate.

Pentecost, the festival 50 days after Easter, reminds us of the coming of the Holy Spirit on the early Church and marks the creation of a new community and the empowerment of that community. It reminds us that our Christian faith is not simply a personal and private affair, but rather that we are members of a dynamic family of faith; one with a message of good news to share; a message of transformation and renewal.

As Christians we can never, therefore, be satisfied by the way things are – we are inspired by the gift of God’s indwelling Spirit to go out to those places that long to be changed and delivered.

This is precisely the vision of Christian Aid; to believe in life before death; to proclaim freedom from injustice and poverty, and not simply to proclaim it, but to work for it in the most practical of ways through its many initiatives among the poorest communities on earth.

The Spirit that brooded over the primeval waters of creation seeks, through us, to recreate the world in our own day and generation.

May we know the guidance and strength of God’s Holy and life- giving Spirit and may we be agents of transformation today.

Yours in the faith,


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