Services for week beginning Sunday, 8 May 2016

St Columba’s Scottish Episcopal Church, Largs

Charity no: SC004796     CCLI: 278491

Easter 7    (Sunday after Ascension)                                                   8 May 2016

Readings:       Acts 16:16-34;  John 17:20-26

Collect:   O God, the King of Glory, hear our prayer:  that as we believe your Son Jesus Christ to be exalted with great triumph to your kingdom in heaven; so also we may know his presence with us now, and to the end of time; who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, world without end.

Post Communion:  Eternal God, giver of love and power, your Son Jesus Christ has sent us into all the world to preach the gospel of his kingdom: confirm us in this mission, and help us to live the good news we proclaim; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Matins – First Collect: O God the King of Glory, who hast exalted thine only Son Jesus Christ with great triumph unto thy kingdom in heaven:   We beseech thee, leave us not comfortless; but send to us thine Holy Ghost to comfort us, and exult us unto the same place whither our Saviour Christ is gone before; who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Ghost, one God, world without end.

Hymns for 11.00am Choral Matins

Introit:        223 ‘All hail the power of Jesus’ name’ omitting * verses


Psalm 97 (see below)

Te Deum

Jubilate Deo

Choir Anthem: ‘Proclaim the Story’  text by N Fawcett, music after Charpentier

Hymn:  593 ‘At the name of Jesus’ omitting * verses

Hymn:  228 ‘Hail the day that sees him rise’            

Hymn: 691 ‘Jesus shall reign where’er the sun’


Psalm 97. Dominus regnavit.

THE LORD is King, the earth may be / glad there/of; * yea, the multitude of the isles / may be / glad there/of.
2 Clouds and darkness are / round a/bout him: * righteousness and judgment are the habi/tation / of his / seat.
3 There shall go a / fire be/fore him, * and burn up his / enemies on / every / side.
4 His lightnings gave shine / unto the / world: * the earth / saw it, and / was a/fraid.
5 The hills melted like wax at the / presence of the / LORD; * at the presence of the / Lord of the / whole / earth.
6 The heavens have de/clared his / righteousness, * and all the / people have / seen his / glory.
7 Confounded be all they that worship carved images, and that delight in / vain / gods: * worship / him / all ye / gods.
8 Sion heard of it / and re/joiced; and the daughters of Judah were glad * be/cause of thy / judgments O / LORD.
9 For thou, LORD, art higher than all that are / in the / earth: * thou art exalted / far above / all / gods.
10 O ye that love the LORD, see that ye hate the / thing which is / evil: * the Lord preserveth the souls of his saints, he shall deliver them / from the / hand of the un/godly.
11 There is sprung up a / light for the / righteous, * and joyful gladness for / such as are / true/hearted.
12 Rejoice in the / LORD ye / righteous; * and give thanks for a re/membrance / of his / holiness.


Services and Meetings   

Sunday, 8 May:

8.00am Said Eucharist (Scottish Liturgy 1982)      

11.00am Choral Matins (Scottish Prayerbook 1929)

6.30pm Evening Prayer (Scottish Prayerbook 1929)

Monday, 9 May:

10.00am Largs Monday Toddlers

Tuesday, 10 May:

11.00am Funeral of Mrs Pat Fox

Wednesday, 11 May:     

10.00am Said Eucharist (Scottish Liturgy 1970) 

6.00pm Columba’s Creatives


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