Pastoral Letter for June 2016

Dear Friends,

This month sees us go once more to cast our vote. This time it is to decide on whether or not we should remain part of the European Union. I wonder just how many ‘once in a generation’ referenda it is possible to be invited to participate in! No matter how we vote, though, it is vital that we exercise our free and hard-fought democratic right to do so.

By the 23rd of June you, like me, may feel tired of the constant bombardment of the pros and cons of political argument. What has come to me through all of this is the truth that, despite all our intentions, strategies and plans, our future can never be foreseen completely.

Each day is a fresh start, with many possibilities; one in which we are once again invited to enter and make of what we will.

The story of Columba our patron, who’s festival we keep this month, was no different in this respect to ours. At the beginning life seemed straightforward enough, but the circumstances he became embroiled in turned it into a very dark place indeed.

Columba became venerated as a saint of the Church, not because of what life dealt him; but rather because of the way he responded to circumstances that often spin out of his control.

He didn’t shut himself off in despair; rather he sought God and his guidance and, in the end, went to serve him in a new way and in a very different place than the one he could ever have imagined.

His willingness to seek God’s face, and to be guided by him into the unknown, made him the source of great blessing to many who otherwise would not have come to hear of God’s love for us in Christ.

Encouraged, then, by Columba’s example and aided by his prayers, may we seek to love and be faithful to our Lord no matter what our future holds for us.

Yours in the faith,


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