Update on Bishop Gregor

Some of you may know that Bishop Gregor suffered a slight stroke earlier this month.  Please see the latest update from the Dean of the Diocese:

Dear All

Bishop Gregor has made excellent progress this week in hospital and he is much improved. He is preparing to be discharged home early next week. Thank you for the many messages of prayer and support.

Complete rest and physiotherapy will continue and although the prospects for a return to his duties are very good it is unlikely that this will happen within the next three months.

Bishop Gregor is content for the College of Bishops to discuss the appointment of a Commissary offering episcopal oversight to our Diocese. The Dean is, of course, available to offer advice and assistance in the usual way and will liaise with an appointed Commissary.

The Cathedral Chapter will meet on Thursday February 2nd, Diocesan Council on Saturday February 4th and Diocesan Synod on Saturday March 4th, as planned.

Bishop Gregor is looking forward to welcoming visitors to his home but to help these arrangements please contact Christine Hughes at the Diocesan Office.

Again, my personal thanks to all for the continued support to the Diocese and Bishop Gregor.


(The above e-mail was composed by the Dean and sent out on his behalf).

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