Pastoral Letter – March 2017

Dear Friends,

The Largs Labyrinth is now completed and has already been used by individuals and groups.  Each will have had their own reason for exploring this strange new feature in the local landscape.  Some may have come through a curiosity raised by reading the wee paper or the Facebook information; others, because the Brown Owl of the pack though it might be good as a means to help her Brownie Pack think about their part in their own organisation.  Each, though, for whatever reason, took the plunge and went on a journey.

This month sees us, as a Christian Community, begin a journey – a Lenten one.  It is a pilgrimage that will take us through the next 40 days and bring us, at last, through Holy Week to Easter Day itself.

As we journey I would ask you to do what those who have engaged with the new labyrinth have done:

  • Take time away from the pressing circumstances and loud voices of our everyday life.
  • Reflect as we travel and seek God’s direction and guidance.
  • Be prepared to return to the world with a fresh perspective and empowered to serve others through the one who is the source of all life.

Some will do this by ‘giving something up’ – like chocolate or alcohol; others by ‘taking something up’ – like more time to pray or study; and others, still, by a bit of both.

Labyrinth walks, self denial and the service of others are not ends in themselves.  This Lenten journey is a gift to us, that we might draw close to the one who calls us in baptism and calls us each new day to be his resurrection people – those who bring new life and hope to others.  So draw close to God and he will draw close to you.

May you keep a holy Lent.


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