Pastoral Letter for June 2017

Dear Friends,

I remember as a child spending long periods of time straining at the children’s part of the newspaper to spot the differences in what appeared to be two identical pictures.

There would certainly be no prizes if you were to compare both pictures of St Columba’s as illustrated on the front cover of this edition of the church magazine!

There is, of course, a beautifully complete bell tower in the larger picture, whilst the small one shows the building as we have always known it; tower-less.

St Columba’s is not alone.  Throughout the diocese and, indeed, throughout the world itself, there are countless examples of church buildings that, for one reason or another, were never completed.

In my younger days this used to bother me.  I longed for the day when an architect’s plans could finally be made solid reality and every tower, spire and aisle completed.  Now, though, it seems to me that our living in a world so full of the incomplete can be a very useful reminder.

As this month we celebrate our special congregational anniversary;140 years here in our building in Aubery Crescent, perhaps its incompleteness is a healthy reminder that the Church is not a building, but the people of God.  Not only that, but that God is still at work in each one of us and that we have have not arrived at our destination nor reached completeness – God has yet more to do in us and through us, in our own day and generation, to further his Kingdom.

Let us, then, give thanks for God’s great faithfulness to St Columba’s over these past 140 years and place our trust in all he seeks for us and this community in the years ahead.

yours in the faith,


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