Pastoral Letter for July/August 2017

Dear Friends,

These past few months have been both busy and poignant ones for the congregation here at St Columba’s.  Together we were invited to recommit ourselves to the work of the Christian Community here not only with our lips, but more challengingly, with our wallets, through the increased giving campaign.

We reflected on the past as we celebrated the vision and generosity of those who, 140 years ago, erected our beautiful church building.

Now we have entered into the summer months.  With no choir and fewer regular meetings on throughout the week, we could be forgiven for feeling we are now past the hight of activity; but this seems not to be the case at all.

There will be a new flurry of activity with this year’s children’s summer holiday club.  Set in a Television Studio, we will tell afresh the Good News of God’s great love for us in his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

On the 9th July we will give thanks for the children’s holiday club  and reflect together on this past year’s 5th annual Mission Action Plan in order that we can build upon it as we face the months and years ahead.

The Largs Labyrinth, in our grounds, is a constant reminder that we are all invited to pause and reflect; but then always to continue to travel forward.

As we do so, may we always be made aware of our Lord’s presence with us in all our journeyings.

yours in the faith,


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