Pastoral Letter for September 2017

Dear Friends,

This month sees the pattern of many people’s lives return to some form of normality after the disruption of the long summer holidays. The schools and colleges have begun their new terms and, here at St Columba’s, we too see the choir return to their stalls each Sunday and our Toddler Group, Columba’s Creatives and Contemplative Meditation Group begin to meet again with the usual regularity of the past.

As the days begin to be noticeably shorter and the leaves turn with the early beginnings of autumn, the Sunday lectionary readings continue to share something of all that God sought to do among men and women long ago through his Son Jesus Christ.

Those days were more similar to our own than we often think. They were times of international violence and of some political unrest and uncertainty. In the midst of all of this our Lord came and encountered people – ordinary folk like you and me, and he did so, not just on special occasions, but in the midst of everyday life.

The God of Jesus Christ is, indeed as some have said, a God of surprises, but he is also never far from us in our daily pilgrimage through life; in good days, boring days and those times when we may feel overwhelmed by the circumstances life brings us.

To all the baptised, no time can really simply be ‘the usual routine’, but rather, each day is a special gift – one in which we may encounter the divine, be transformed a little more into his likeness, and be used by the Lord in our small way to fulfil that part of our Lord’s prayer ‘Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven’.

yours in the faith,


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