Pastoral Letter for October 2017

Dear Friends,

Nature is an awesome thing!  In recent weeks we have been made aware of the fearsome force of it as one hurricane after another has lashed and devastated the tiny islands of the Caribbean and left the cities of Florida swimming in tidal surge.

It is awesome indeed, and is only ever treated with contempt at our own peril.

The awesomeness of nature, though, can be seen in the silent and, apparently, small things too.  In the growth of leeks and onions in a vegetable patch or in the great beauty of colour and form that takes us aback whenever we notice something new in a floral border.

As a beekeeper, I am constantly amazed at the stunning complexity of nature in tending to the colonies I look after.  One doesn’t ‘own’ bees, one simply has to be content to ‘keep’ them – to tend them.

This is an adventure with surprises one could do well without – like witnessing 6 swarms to be dealt with over this past summer! … as well as those that are very welcome discoveries indeed – like 34 jars of autumn honey I simply did not expect.

Our respectful relationship with nature; our calling to be good stewards of it, is at the very heart of our faith in God who made all things and saw that they were “good”.

Our Harvest Festival offers us the opportunity to show forth our praise for all the good gifts of nature and with it there is always the connection and challenge of our response to it.  In bringing food that will go to our local FoodBank, we recognise our own interdependence and the responsibility of sharing with generosity what God, in his providence, has blessed us with.

yours in the faith,


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