Pastoral Letter for March 2018

Dear Friends,

This month sees a great upheaval for our local school community, as all three primary campuses and our academy together with the preschool nursery make the move from their various settings into the large, newly completed, campus at the back of the town.

As part of the chaplaincy team, I am aware that this move is both exciting and also challenging for staff and pupils alike.

As well as the usual work of ensuring that a positive and creative curriculum is delivered, there is the additional stress of packing up and re-locating that is usually the preserve of those who chose to move house; itself one of the most stressful things anyone can do!

No doubt there will be lots of settling-in to be done as all involved familiarise themselves with their new surroundings and altered routines.

This flurry of activity reminded me of the bigger picture of life itself for nothing in life can ever stay as it is.  Life, by its very nature, is defined by growth, movement and change.

This current Lenten season is one in which we are encouraged to make a move; to know both the excitement and the challenge that our Christian faith offers each one of us.

For us, in our Christian pilgrimage, “every day is a school day”.  Each day is one in which there are opportunities to learn something else, to experience another way to reflect or pray or serve God.

Ours is a faith that is more interested in where we are going than where we have been; one in which God meets us in this present moment and in which, therefore, all future things are possible.

May you continue to keep a holy Lent.

yours in the faith,


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