Pastoral Letter for March 2019

Dear Friends,

Over the past few weeks a great change has been taking place in the Rectory.  It is a change that has been at once gradual yet at the same time challenging and rewarding.  Many years after reading a book by Marie Kondo, a Japanese organisational consultant, I have at last sought to implement her method of sorting, tidying storing and folding.

It began with clothes … all clothes piled on the bed, then each item held one by one to see if it ‘sparked joy’ and should be kept.  If it didn’t, the item was thanked and let go of to a new home and a new phase of usefulness with someone else.

Phase 1: Clothes has been completed and I now enjoy items I love but had  forgotten I had, together with the additional space this clearing out has opened up.  Phase 2: Bedding and table linens and other fabrics.  Phase 3: Books was more difficult, but again I am reaping the rewards of this labour intensive task.  The real crunch will come with the paperwork of the office and then dealing with miscellaneous personal items including photographs.  But I hope to continue until all is in order.

I guess I don’t recall things getting out of order.  This is probably due to it happening very gradually over time.

This is true of other areas of our life though.  Even in our spiritual life, we can, once we reflect on where we are, discover we have drifted off course and could do with a spiritual ‘spring clean’.

This month offers precisely that with the season of Lent.  This is a time for self reflection; an opportunity to let go of all that is not life-giving and, through study, reading, prayer, and acts of charity and self-denial, to embrace all that leads us to God and his holy will for us and for the world.

May you heed the promptings of the Holy Spirit and respond to all that sparks joy and life by keeping a holy Lent.

Yours in the faith,


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