Pastoral Letter for September 2019

Dear Friends,

As I write this, workmen from the local council are toiling away to construct the Viking Village for this year’s Largs Viking Festival. Each year this festival seems to attract more visitors to the town than the year before. It is an annual reminder of the long and varied history this coastline has witnessed over the centuries.

Like any nation we, as individuals, know markers in our own personal calendar that call to remembrance events and people from our past. These can be the source of joy or sorrow for us; can evoke the happiness of someone’s company and our shared adventures with them; or can bring pain at the knowledge they are no longer with us to share our life.

All of us live with these facts. But these are not the whole picture, for we also face a future or unknowns. None of us know what lies ahead for us or for our loved ones.
The good news we proclaim, as followers of Jesus Christ, assures us that we are not completely defined by our past. We are called to live in the present moment and to commit ourselves and our unknown, open, future into the hands of the One who loved us from all eternity; the one who, in Christ, came to share our human life and lot.

Let us, then, take time each day consciously to know ourselves to be in the presence of God and, inspired by his love for us, come to be a force for good and blessing now and always.

Yours in the faith,


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