Notices for week beginning 24 January 2021

Canon 35 Notice

Canon 35 requires that the Vestry shall, before making a formal application to the Bishop and the Diocesan Buildings Committee for any change under this Canon, advertise the proposals to the congregation, allowing members of the congregation four weeks in which to make written representations on the proposals. Any representations received shall be considered by the Vestry before a formal application for consent is made.

The Vestry has submitted a Pre-Application Notice for Cannon 35 Approval to remove an Ash tree which is causing damage to the church boundary wall, near the NE corner of the grounds.  It is showing signs of root movement and if left unattended could cause a lot of expense in property damage and inconvenience to passing traffic on the A78 Trunk road if it were to fall.

If approved, we intend to have the Ash tree professionally felled in small sections at a time until it is cut down to be almost flush with the ground. We shall at the same time take the opportunity to remove overhanging branches from the pavement area of the pathway along the A78 on the East side of the property and to tidy up tree branches between the rectory and the church building.

Once this operation has been completed, we propose planting one or two fruit trees in another area of the church grounds which can be easily managed and pruned when necessary

This notice was given at the Sunday Service of the Word on 24thJanuary. Please submit any representations in writing to the Secretary to the Vestry by 21st February. 

Prayers for the Sick

 If you know of anyone who should be added to the sick list,  please contact Hilary Moran, church secretary. Or if anyone needs to speak to our interim minister Revd. Sandy Montgomerie please get in contact with Hilary. 01475 686214.

The Funeral of Malcolm Heaton will be held in Church on Thursday 4th February at 10.45am.  Attendance limited per current restrictions. 

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