Pastoral Letter February 2021

Dear Friends,

Firstly, let me introduce myself to you. I am the Rev. Canon Sandy Montgomerie and your Interim Priest in the vacancy as Gordon moves to a new charge at St Margaret’s Newlands in Glasgow. Bishop Kevin asked me to support this ministry and I was pleased to help.  I live in Saltcoats and St Andrew’s Ardrossan is my home church so it’s only a few miles on the coast road to St Columba’s Scottish Episcopal church in Largs.

Life is very different at the moment with the lockdown and the restrictions that are in place but the church is doing what is possible to keep you in touch and I hope and pray that we will get back to church when it is safe once again.

I’m sure you have been extremely blessed in having Gordon as Rector for more than eleven years which is a long time in ministry in one place.

Yet being realistic there was always the possibility that it would suddenly come to an end and that Gordon and William would move on to pastures new, and we know St Margaret’s Newlands isn’t too far from the Ayrshire coast for a visit.

So for all of us it will mean a change, which if we are honest, change can also have a positive effect if it is received graciously.

During the vacancy work will be a necessity, and I’m sure the vestry will keep you up to date with what is happening as you progress in the search for a new rector and I hope to be with you on that journey God has prepared for each one of us.

There are many gifts to give thanks for in your congregation and we need to hold that in our vision as we enter this new adventure in our church life.       With Blessings, Sandy.

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