Pastoral letter for July/August 2019

Dear Friends, As we enter into the summer holiday period we do so at a time of great political uncertainty.  The future of our country and its relations with our European neighbours remains uncertain.  We don’t even know, at time of writing, who the Prime minister is to be!  This feeling of uncertainty seems reflected, […]

Pastoral Letter, June 2019

Dear Friends, This month on we will celebrate a major festival on 3 consecutive Sundays here at Saint Columba’s.  The first is our Patronal, which we will keep on Sunday, 2 June.  On that day we will offer our thanks to God for his servant Columba of Iona.  We know from the writings of his […]

Pastoral Letter for May 2019

Dear Friends, As I write this letter the Church throughout the world continues to celebrate the 50 days of unremitting joy that is the Easter season.  These days remind us that, as Christians, we are a people who live in the light of God’s great love for us and of his victory over sin and […]

Pastoral Letter for April 2019

Dear Friends, Journeys are central to what it is to be a human being.  All of us are part of the great journey from birth to death.  In the time we have here on earth we are part of many and various journeys – some journeys of discovery, some geographical as we travel to far […]

Pastoral Letter for March 2019

Dear Friends, Over the past few weeks a great change has been taking place in the Rectory.  It is a change that has been at once gradual yet at the same time challenging and rewarding.  Many years after reading a book by Marie Kondo, a Japanese organisational consultant, I have at last sought to implement […]

Pastoral Letter for February 2019

Dear Friends, “The LORD you are seeking will come to his temple; the messenger of the covenant, whom you desire, will come,” says the LORD Almighty.”  These words from the beginning of the third chapter of the book of the prophet Malachi would have been well known to the ancient Israelites. It is a passages […]

Pastoral Letter December 2018 / January 2019

Dear Friends, It happens to me every year and each time it does, I am always taken aback at the timing of it. This year it was as I drove through the streets of Kilbirnie – the sighting of the first house showing an illuminated Christmas tree in its window. This sighting took place on […]

Pastoral Letter October 2018

Dear Friends, This past month we experienced the first of the storms of the season.  It arrived with high winds and driving rain and wreaked havoc on our transport system; delaying trains, cancelling ferries and closing roads to traffic. With the storm came change.  It was change that could not have precisely been predicted, but […]

Pastoral Letter for September 2018

Dear Friends, As I write this letter I am all too aware of so many things that I must get done.  I know this is a feeling that we all share.  There are tasks, and even people, in our life that demand our attention and our energy.  There are things that seem so urgent and […]

Pastoral Letter for July & August 2018

Dear Friends, As I write the pastoral letter, for this double issue of our church magazine, the sun is shining and the temperature is rising on another beautiful summers day.  The light and the warmth make it difficult to believe that we are living in the same place that experienced such a long, dark, prolonged […]