Pastoral Letter for July & August 2018

Dear Friends, As I write the pastoral letter, for this double issue of our church magazine, the sun is shining and the temperature is rising on another beautiful summers day.  The light and the warmth make it difficult to believe that we are living in the same place that experienced such a long, dark, prolonged […]

Pastoral Letter for June 2018

Dear Friends, I have been invited to go into the new Largs Primary School later this week. Together with a fellow chaplain, I have been asked to offer a lesson to a Primary 7 Class on ‘Notable Christians’. My colleague contacted me to ask who I might chose to speak about – he had already […]

Pastoral Letter for May 2018

Dear Friends, This past month has seen reason for national celebration as we marked the 92nd birthday of H.M. the Queen and, a few days later, greeted the birth of a new prince.  This month many look forward to a royal wedding when, on 19 May, Prince Harry will marry Meghan Markle. In a world […]

The Bishop’s Easter Message 2018

Easter Message 2018 Some of you may listen to a Radio 4 programme called Last Word. In effect it offers appreciations and assessments of interesting people who have died in the week or so before the programme is broadcast.  As I write, the cast includes Stephen Hawking and Ken Dodd.  But it occurs to me […]

Pastoral Letter for March 2018

Dear Friends, This month sees a great upheaval for our local school community, as all three primary campuses and our academy together with the preschool nursery make the move from their various settings into the large, newly completed, campus at the back of the town. As part of the chaplaincy team, I am aware that […]

Pastoral Letter for December 2017 / January 2018

Dear Friends, As a student in Rome I was used to seeing the ruined remains of many ancient temples, but the one the appeared to me to be most unusual in its design and structure was the temple, or four-fold arch,  of Janus.  Janus was always depicted with two faces; each facing in opposite directions.  […]

Pastoral Letter for November 2017

Dear Friends, On 23 September some of our congregation journeyed to Stirling for our congregational away day.  It was an interesting time of getting of know one another a bit better in a different setting.  I was particularly keen to be able to familiarise myself with the two main stops of our visit – the […]